New ammo review #3

40mm 10/22 round

Invented and manufactured by Brian Fauci, Review by GROG


This review will be on a very interesting round of 40mm ammo invented by Brian Fauci. The round is anodized a maroon color, and is made of steel parts and an aluminum outer casing. It is a very solid round of ammunition. It is made in 40mm only, however could be modified for 37mm registered destructive devices. The round contains a screw off rear section that holds a large pistol primer. The interior of the top portion contains 10 rifled steel barrels! Very high quality piece of work. The steel barrels hold either 22 cal shorts or 22 cal long rifle shells. All 10 22 rounds are fired at the same time! The rounds are loaded in the rear, then the piece that holds the firing pins is placed in. The rear portion is screwed on, and the round is ready to go! The round comes with an aluminum rod that has a machined rear end that is used to knock out the expended primer, and also used to remove the expended 22 shells after the round is fired. I've fired the round many times, from many different ranges, and all I can say is AWESOME! The round is available from 

The round is easy to clean and easy to reload. The max effective range of this round would be from 25-30 yards. After that the round pattern spreads quite a bit. These rounds vary in price from 300 to 500 each depending on where you purchase them from. These are top quality rounds that are built to last. They really roar when fired!


On the left, you'll notice the barrel portion of the round. It contains 10 rifled steel 22 barrels. Next is the screw on rear portion that contains the large pistol primer. Next is the firing pin assembly, which contains 10 firing pins. A rod is included with the round that can be used at the range to unload the empty 22 casings  and also pop out the expended primer. Here's a look at the round with 22 shells inserted:


Here's a look at the round with the primer assembly in place:


And here's the completed round:


The round was fired from various ranges and performed very well. At 7 yards all 10 rounds were within a notebook sized pattern on the range target. At 15 and  25 yards 7 out of 10 were within a notebook sized area. I would not recommend engaging targets outside the 25 yard range with this round. Overall, it's a fun round to shoot, and well worth the money. 22 ammo is cheap, and there's nothing like having 10 going down range at the same time. The round is easy to reload at the range, and as long as you remember to bring your box of large rifle primers, you'll be fine! GROG

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