Advanced Reloading Guide CD

By GROG   Copyright 1996-2019 3LC Productions


Grog’s 37mm and 40mm Advanced Reloading Guide contains a wealth of information, photographs, diagrams, and how-to instructions on advanced projectile construction and reloading methods. This guide includes short mpeg movies on reloading, and an instructional page on star making. Resin plastic molding is also covered on this guide. This guide does not contain information from the Basic Guide, so if you are a beginner, I recommend the Basic Guide first. This guide is also a work in progress, and new information is added as it becomes available.

Price for the Advanced Guide is $45.00.  This guide can be purchased with the Basic Guide for a discounted price of both for $75.00 and in the bundle includes the new (2017-2019) 40mm reference guide

Here are some samples of what is on the Advanced Guide:

Assorted rounds1.jpg

Two part plastic resin molded flash/bang and stingball munitions



Poured Silicone Rubber molds


US Navy 5866 series.jpg

Long range, and short range flash/bang prototypes



Informational diagram of 37mm WW2 signal flare





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