Basic Reloading Guide CD

 By GROG   Copyright 2010 3LC Productions


Grog’s 37mm and 40mm Basic Reloading Guide is the authority for reloading 37mm and 40mm munitions for both LE/Corrections, and the civilian world. The Guide has hundreds of high quality photos, Cutaway photos, and diagrams of real 40mm rounds, and 37mm rounds. It contains manual pages on commonly used 40mm US and foreign munitions, explaining how these rounds work. The reloading section goes hands-on with sections on tools used, casing types, common loads, and several types of projectiles, and how to build them out of easily obtainable materials. Price is $45.00 Shipped. This Guide can be combined with the Advanced Reloading Guide and 40mm reference library and purchased as a bundle CD for $75.00

Here are some samples of what you will find on the Basic Reloading CD:

M406 HEs & Cutaway.JPG

This is a Cutaway of an M406 HE, and two complete M406


Inert M433.jpg

        This is an inert M433 HEDP with M550 Fuze


Rocket assist.jpg

This is a Rocket Assisted HE with Dummy Warhead Prototype



This is a sample of the manual pages you will find on the guide



This is a sample of a “How-to” diagram, showing the inner workings of pyrotechnic devices


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