Ammo Review

40mm to 12ga adapter & 40mm plastic end caps

Made by Destiny Densley

Written by GROG


This adapter is made and sold by Destiny Densley (our own "Evil Blonde")

The adapter is made to the length of the standard practice round. It is made of high strength aluminum, and anodized a dark gray to black color. It will fit all standard 40mm barrels. I like it, as the nose is rounded and fits the barrel well. It also pushes those cartridge locator tabs out of the way for easy in-out. This adapter is "built to last" and could be modified to fit registered 37mm launchers as well. It fits in standard MOLLE pouches, as well as the old 203 bandoleers. Personally, I put mine in a MOLLE single pouch, attached to the carry handle of my soft weapon case so it is easily accessed. It can be stored with a 12ga round in place for quick use. Handy for MOUNT training and building clearing. Nothing like having a short barreled shotgun under your AR for those "hairy" situations. A very well made piece of equipment, I highly recommend it. This adapter has been privately provided to our troops in Iraq for their "personal" protection, and as a survival item. To purchase this adapter, please e-mail Des at:  for prices and availability.  Here's a couple more photos of the adapter:


Here's a shot of the business end of the adapter


Here's a shot of the loading end

I recommend keeping the adapter loaded with a OObuck inside a MOLLE pouch for a "quick fix" for bad situations...


Also available from Des are barrel endcaps. A very handy item if you find yourself in harsh environments, or if you care about your barrels. Here's a photo of the endcaps:


These endcaps could also be used on your Mk-19 or Gunship to keep dirt and birds outta the business end!



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