These are items I have for sale at this time. Some items can be ordered directly by printing the order form. The replicas and molds require additional shipping costs, so e-mail me your request for a price quote, and check the USPS shipping calculator to get an idea of what shipping will cost. You pick the method you want your items shipped from 17724. Page is updated regularly, see the date at the bottom.

Basic Reloading Guide--$45.00 shipped.This is a CD reloading guide, with tons of information on both 37mm and 40mm launchers, ammo, tools and procedures on how to reload simple rounds with common materials. This CD includes many military manuals in PDF form, as well as quality digital photographs of almost every 40mm round out there today, as well as cutaways that show the innards of these projectiles, so you get an idea on how to construct them yourself. It contains chapters on manual pages, reloading techniques, legal information, and pretty much every bit of info you will need to start reloading your own 37mm and 40mm projectiles. This is the result of years of research, as well as a lot of time and personal experimentation. This CD will give you the information you need to reload safely with a minimum of expense to get started. Windows OS required, disc is played like a website with links to the information. CD cover varies in appearance.

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1.  Advanced Reloading Guide--$45.00 shipped.This CD continues where the basic guide leaves off. It deals with more advanced projectile making materials and techniques, and also deals with replicas and has hundreds of photos of real and replica 37mm and 40mm munitions. It covers silicone rubber molds and resin molded projectiles. If ordering both the Basic and Advanced guide, both are placed on one disc to keep shipping costs down. There is a three part mpeg movie on the disc that can be played on your computer that shows hands on how to reload various casings and projectiles. Both lethal and less lethal rounds are covered.

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2.  Both Basic Reloading Guide and Advanced Reloading Guide as well as the new (2017) 40mm reference guide free, on three discs--$75.00 shipped


3.  40mm Replica Munitions: These are top quality replicas that are colored and marked just like their real military counterparts. Great for collectors to finish out that collection with rounds you canít get, or the re-enactor, or for motion picture use. I use real 40mm expended casings to complete these replicas, and also, for the HE and HEDP rounds I use the same ink used to mark the real ones. The projectile molds for these replicas are real, military rounds, professionally disassembled, so none of them contain any rotating band marks from having been fired. Since they are molded from real projectiles, they are exact in size and shape. I take great pride in constructing these replicas from the finest resin plastic and take a lot of time to accurately mark them according to the ammunition data sheets directly from the manufacturers and military. Each replica is made to order, so I do not maintain a stock of them. I take the orders as they come in, so each order is completed in order of receipt. Contact me for an updated price list of the replicas I currently make. If you want something that is not on the list, please inquire at and I will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

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