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Grogís 37mm and 40mm reloading

And entertainment guide



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[] Reloading guide (see below)@ $45.00shipped

[] Advanced reloading guide $45.00Shipped

[] Set of both basic, advanced, and ref library $75.00Shipped

[] Basic, Advanced, ref library on 2 gig stick $80.00 Shipped

[] Resin replica round or set: $____________See Below

[] 3 Legged cat (Grogís band) Music CD@ $8.00

Cost of items ordered total:_______________

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Please make checks or money orders payable to George Confer, and make sure all above info is legible

Thanks! Please allow 2-4 weeks if paying by personal check. Money order payment are shipped asap.

It is recommended that, prior to reloading any 37mm or 40mm round, you read

The following web page: http://www.freewebs.com/grog/safety1.htm for safety

recommendations. Myself, and 3LC productions assume no responsibility

or liability for the use of or misuse of the reloading information contained on

the disc or our website. Adult signature is required below.


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Resin molded replica rounds: Basically any type of 40mm Low Velocity round can

Be replicated. E-mail me at grog@frontiernet.net prior to ordering for a price.

If you want a special display made up, tell me what you are looking for, and Iíll give

you a price on an individual basis. Since each set is different, prices will be different.

No refunds offered on merchandise. Send completed order form to:

George Confer, 212 Kelley Rd Canton PA 17724