40mm Replica Munitions

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Standard replica munitions are made using real aluminum casings correct to the munition being replicated. The projectile portion of the replica is made of a high quality two part plastic, from molds taken of actual military issue unfired projectiles. They are then painted and marked by hand. The ink used is the same as used in real munitions. Replicas are completely inert and contain no live primers or powders, and no explosives and cannot be made to fire in any way. Projectiles are solid plastic, and special paints are used to simulate metallic finishes.

All replica munitions are made to customer specs. No “stock” is kept, and each order is produced customer specific. Replicas are made using real 40mm LV casings (expended) or, in the case of specialized casings such as the M576 buckshot and M651 CS, they can be replicated from real stock. The replicas contain no live parts, and the projectile portion is solid polymer, professionally painted and marked.

Higher quality replicas using real aluminum bodies and ogives can be produced for additional cost. Inquire about replicas at grog@frontiernet.net for pricing and styles.

 Here are some photos of completed replicas:

40mmA 015.JPGDSCF2002.JPGM381 HE (3).JPGM382E2 Smoke PRac.JPG



                                                   M397 OCTOL Bounding HE and M381 HE


DSCF2020 (2).JPG     40mm photos new 04 051.jpg

              M406 and M433 and Cutaways                                                               More M433s

IMG_3071.JPG    IMG_2969.JPG    40mm photos new 04 033.jpg

              M576E1 Buckshot                             SMOKE GROUND MARKERS                                   CS

Specialized round display boards

We can produce display boards with several types of 40mm HV and LV munitions for use as training aids, company specific displays, collector displays, and gifts. You specify the rounds you want in your display. Displays come in wooden display boxes, with glass front. The rounds pictured are now made using real 40mm casings, period specific markings, and using real ink and decals for accuracy. Display boards use replicas cut in half length-wise to show colors and markings.

40mm photos new 04 015.jpg    IMG_2731.JPG

  3LC Productions for ASA 083.JPG   3LC Productions for ASA 093.JPG

Displays can be prepared using complete replicas also:

40mm photos new 04 037.jpg


To order replica 40mm munitions contact me at grog@frontiernet.net with your request, and I can put together a price. Each replica order and display board are customer specific, so prices vary.

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