Grog’s 37mm and 40mm Snap Caps

Manufactured by GROG

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I now produce for sale high quality snap caps for all 37mm and 40mm launchers. They are made from real aluminum casings, with a high quality, spring loaded snap-cap inserted, as well as either an inert resin warhead and body, or a higher quality aluminum projectile. These are made for resting your launcher springs, and doing test fires on your new builds. Pop one in, pull the trigger, and you know your springs are at rest. These are also used by members of military units in practice fire and maneuver drills. DO not drop them on any hard surface! (Just like you don’t want to drop HE rounds either…)

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As you can see, the 40mm version is made from real military M118 aluminum casings, drilled and lathed to accept the spring loaded snap cap, and the resin practice blue (in this case) warhead is secured in place with high strength adhesive.

New snap caps3.JPG

I can produce these, custom order, so I can do them in any warhead design desired. The standard design as in the photos above, with the M406/407 type warhead unpainted or marked is $10.00 ea. + shipping. The prices vary for different warheads and finish. Drop me an e-mail at if you desire a price on another type. They can also be made from completed replicas (painted and marked) such as these:




The 37mm snap caps use a shortened 37mm casing, with a less-lethal type of inert warhead attached, with the same type of good quality, spring loaded snap cap inserted. I can, at the present time, offer any of the following warheads in a 37mm snap cap:


Warheads can come in any color you desire and can be done as replicas also.


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