Band Bio 1

 George L. Confer



Grog (George Confer) started in music at a young age. Rhythm guitar is my specialty. My influences in the music world include The Beatles, Bad Company, Pink Floyd, Creed, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Aerosmith, and AC/DC. As a founding member of 3LC, I've had a hand in shaping the rhythms of many of the original songs we've written. I believe music should send a message. Music is a form of expression that transcends cultural and many other barriers in today's society. If you want to say something, there is no better method of communication than music. This is apparent when you listen to the words to our song "To hell with you". We love our music, and we love performing it too. You may wonder... What does 37 and 40mm have to do with music?? Well, the 37mm launcher is a pyrotechnic launcher. The 40mm can also launch many pyro rounds. I can think of nothing cooler than playing good music and launching some clusters or smokes! Needless to say, we prefer playing outdoor concerts. I've used both launcher and electrically ignited pyro during performances and practices. So, there's the connection. If used in this manner, one must be careful of where one aims his launcher. There are a few considerations, one of which is audience members, another is fires. Smoke and flare rounds burn hot, and you must be careful not to start something you have to call the fire department to finish! Also, check local laws concerning fireworks or pyrotechnic displays! Keep it legal. It only takes a few seconds to get the permit and licenses. 

     I've written a few of our original songs. My motivations have been many things. Love, hate, happiness, sadness. Just about all the emotions come into play. Our music varies in styles from hard rock to ballads. (No we don't do rap, hip hop, or opera... You gotta draw the line somewhere!) I also do the sound engineering for the band. This in of itself is a job! 

     The website has a dual purpose. First, to share info on cool launchers and ammo, and secondly, to advertise our band products. I am the web designer, and publisher. I've learned a lot where web work is concerned. I want to thank all you old timers for sticking around while I worked out all the bugs, and put up with some aggravation from different sources. I enjoy my hobbies and the freedoms we enjoy in this Nation. I love my daughters, my dogs, my guitars, and my launchers. It's fun and enjoyable to play and shoot, and I love to combine the two. Hopefully someday we'll be able to tape a concert where the launchers and other pyro is used! GROG

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