Here are some of my favorite 37mm, 40mm, and other sites!

Brassman brass John at brassman is the only place to buy expended 37mm and 40mm casings, and reloading supplies. He's a really good guy, not to mention his assistant Chrissy is the best, and a voice that melts butter at 100 meters...

Firefox-fx One of the best places to buy chemicals

Urban armory Actual place I bought my Shivak 203 receiver. Great guys!

Titleii forms Place to download ATF forms (including the hard to find form 1!!) To register your launcher

Skylighter Another chemical place.

Policeguns Here’s where I got my 40mm barrel. You can get 40mm practice ammo here too! Real nice guys!!

 Lauer Weaponry  These are the guys holding the cammo contest. Mike Nahorniak  is the man to talk to if you like your weapon painted like the one on my homepage, Mike can get it done, or sell you the paints to do it yourself! Check out his site, he has many examples posted!

United Nuclear  You guys have to check out this site. Some real good tec info. (FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY OF COURSE!...)

FAQ on NFA  For all questions regarding what is a DD and what is not a DD under the law.

Cannon Fuse An excellent (and affordable!) place to buy fuse either in rolls or in pre-cut sections, perfect for reloading!

WBH A great source for lathe work, adapters, and custom AR uppers.  Just drop him an email and tell him what you want.

Big Boys Toys Sells the Thumper launchers, as well as Et-Cetera launchers, and military surplus and a wide variety of paintball supplies.

MLR Distributing Manufacturer of quality slam fire launchers and casings, highly recommended!! Mark Rogers, Owner

Reloadable Shells Manufacturer of quality casings and other items. Highly recommended!! Scot Pace, Owner

Exotic Ammo Casing and launcher manufacturer. Ed Dittus, Owner

American Specialty Ammo Chris at ASA can help you with payload cups, caps, casings, and a number of other items related to this hobby!

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