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My advanced reloading CD is available for purchase. It contains quite a lot of information on the latest reloads, including lethal and less-lethal loads in both 37mm and 40mm, and how to reload smokeless casings. It has more photos of some pretty interesting launchers as well as a 37mm Gatling gun. It also contains a small section on reloading 26.5mm flares and smokes. The videos have sections on reloading almost all the different types of casings available. There is a section on safety, as well as an actual range session showing launches of numerous lethal and less lethal 40mm rounds. This section shows how those reloads actually work. Also is a large section on the newest 37 and 40mm ammo using resin plastic. How to make molds, and how to pour projos. (You'll never want to shoot a film can again...) It is chocker block full of new projos, and how-to sections. Lotsa new photos, and some pretty good ideas.

Made for advanced reloaders, this CD does not contain information provided on the basic reloading disc. I highly recommend the basic disc if you are starting out with reloading these rounds. Reloading 37mm and 40mm munitions is very different than rifle, pistol, or shotgun reloading!

The price is going to be set at $45.00 shipped for both discs. I will offer a price break when purchasing both the basic and advanced reloading CD, of $75.00 total for both discs and an extra 40mm reference guide with a lot of very cool photos and info on most US and some foreign 40mm high and low velocity grenades. Price is shipped.

Here are more details of what's on each disc:


For the beginner, helps identifying the casings and rounds out there, both military and civilian. Shows anyone, even those that have never reloaded before how to do it safely!

Has a large digital photo section on rounds (hundreds of photos), spec sheets, cutaways and so on to help you understand what makes these rounds work, and how effective they really are.

Designed for the 37mm 40mm newbie, easy to understand instructions, all sorts of military manuals on CD for reference, factory spec sheets and cutaway diagrams, as well as links to web sites for supplies and further information.

A lot of informative information on launchers both US made and foreign. Legal section advises you of US regulations concerning launchers. Advertising from launcher manufacturing companies included for reference.


For the advanced reloader with experience in reloading 37mm and 40mm rounds. Contains a very large section on 37 and 40mm projo building. Advanced projo design requires some modeling skill. Covers topics such as new casings, old casings, projos, cutaway diagrams on tubed pyrotechnic projos, how to step by step instructions and product recommendations.

Large digital photo section on newest lethal and less lethal 37 and 40mm rounds. Easy to understand for the advanced reloader. 

Includes video files that show hands on how to reload these rounds. From primer removal to projo seating. Very good for the beginner or the advanced reloader. Shows specific techniques on how to reload efficiently, as well as tools to make the job easier.

Range session showing accuracy of M-203 and less lethal ammo. Shows effectiveness of rounds such as foam bullet, wood and rubber baton, muzzle blast, and other rounds.

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