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3 Legged Cat

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This part of the website is dedicated to the band 3 Legged Cat. We started the band in 1996, and have written over 85 original songs! The style of music we play varies greatly. Everything from Motley Crew to the Beatles. Many of the cover songs we play are written by bands such as Bad Company, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses and ZZ Top. We have played many of the local clubs in the Scranton PA area, and even play private parties and benefit concerts. The band was founded by myself and lead guitarist Rich Anthony. We got together at work and decided we shared a love of good music. We've come a long way since 1996. We have a partnership production company called 3LC Productions, which produces and sells this reloading and entertainment CDs. We also produce and sell musical CDs containing our original songs. We have released three of our songs on indie labels, and have a song on a various artist tape called "America", that was released in 1998. Here's how the band breaks down:

George Confer-- Rhythm Guitarist, Keyboards, Vocalist, Acoustical Engineer, Web Designer, Pyrotechnics Engineer

Rich Anthony-- Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, Band Manager

Gerald Gustas-- Bass Guitarist, Vocalist, Harmonica Player, and all around good egg

Marty George-- Old drummer, and resident bigfoot

Michael Jordan-- Vocalist, Percussionist, Snake Charmer

Rich Solak-- Drummer

Steven Kozloski-- Sound Man, Chick magnet

We have included 3 of our original songs on the Basic reloading CD. If you are interested in hearing more, we sell musical CDs of additional original songs. Here's a few more photos:


That's me and my Fender...


Here's Gerry, our bass man...


Here's Rich Anthony and our old drummer Marty George (Sasquatch)


Here's our lead vocalist Mike Jordan with me and Gerry


Here's another one of the band in action!

Our band name comes from an early practice session in which Rich Anthony and myself were practicing in my old basement. A neighbor's cat (who happened to have three legs) would come over and peek through my basement windows during our sessions! He loved us, and we decided that would be our band name... 3 Legged Cat!!

If you like cool new music, and you like the band's I've mentioned, check us out!! For sales of music CDs contact me at and we'll get you the style of music you like! GROG

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