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I offer a number of products 37mm and 40mm related. I do not sell launchers or live ammunition. Here is what I have at this time:

1. Basic Reloading Guide

We provide a basic and advanced CD/DVD combo informational CDs/DVD which contain a wealth of information on 37mm and 40mm grenade launchers, ammunition, and reloading.  The basic CD contains hundreds of digital photos, cutaway photos, and diagrams, and spec sheets on most 40mm and 37mm rounds available today. The CD also contains a reloading guide for Law Enforcement and civilian use, and many pdf manuals on launchers, ammo and more! Jam packed full of photos and info! Windows operating system required.  This is a CD only, the Windows Media reloading movie is available with the advanced disc only! Click here for more details and ordering info.

Adelle's Photos New 979



Adelle's Photos New 981

The advanced CD details are available here Disc is now available for sale.



GROG'S 40mm replica rounds! Click below link to check them out! E-mail me for prices on displays, can be made in either half or whole rounds.

(See below for a full price list of replicas available)

Casings used are metal military surplus, and are the actual casings used for these rounds. All projectiles are resin molded plastic and are colored and marked accurately as the original military rounds. HE rounds are marked with yellow or black markings as the originals. Fuzes have black markings as appropriate. Pyrotechnic rounds bear black markings, with colored caps or tops. The buckshot replica uses metal Swiss casings that closely resemble the real M-199 casings used. Here are a few photos of newer replica rounds:

40mm photos new 04 032.jpg40mm photos new 04 031.jpg

M-651E1 CS gas replicas M-661 Green star Para replica



40mm photos new 04 049.jpg

M-433 HEDP replicas

M-433 replicas can come in numerous configurations, as they are made by many different manufacturers. Please specify which color configuration you desire when ordering.


Red Phosphorus HEDP M433 Black Body Gold Ogive Assorted M-433 HEDP

The M433 series also come with Orange, Black, Copper, or Yellow ogives, and OD, Black, or White bodies with Yellow or Red markings.



Rainbow 011.JPG IMG_2961.JPGIMG_2960.JPG

M-406 HE M-407A1 Practice




M433 (3), M397A1 Bounding HE Airburst (2), M-406 HE (3)





Green and red Para flares and red and yellow smoke

IMG_2938.JPG IMG_2969.JPG

Smoke markers come in red, yellow, green, and violet


HE rounds come in various styles and types. Above from L to R are:

M433 HEDP Blk/Yel, M433 HEDP standard OD Yel markings, M-433 red Phosphorus Whi/Red markings, M397 OCTOL OD/Blk markings, M406 HE OD/Yel markings, DRACO and HELLHOUND HE Thermobaric rounds.






40MM Ammunition variants

         M381 HE Olive drab skirt, yellow markings, yellow ogive

         M382 Practice HE Olive drab yellow markings metallic blue ogive

         M382E2 Practice HE smoke OD, YEL, SIL ogive

         M383 HE Mk-19 OD, YEL mkngs, yel ogive

         M384 HE Ground burst M-75 MGL OD, YEL, YEL

         M-385 Solid practice Mk-19 Blue body

         M-385A1 Solid practice Mk-19 Blue body

         M386 HE ground burst OD, YEL, YEL

         M397 Airburst OD, YEL, YEL

         M397A1 Airburst OD, YEL, YEL

         M406 High-explosive (HE) OD, YEL, YEL

         M407A1 HE Practice OD, YEL, SIL or BLU

         M430 HEDP Mk-19 OD, YEL, YEL

         M430I GREMLIN HEDP Mk-19 improved vers martin electronics

         M433 High-explosive dual purpose (HEDP) Colors Vary, OD, WHI, YEL, COP, or GOLD, or BLK, OD, or WHI

         M433I OGRE HEDP improved version martin electronics SIL body BLK ogive

         M441 HE OD, YEL, YEL

         M463 HE flashless/smokeless

         M576 Buckshot GRN casing WHI markings or unmarked

         M583A1 WHI star PARA flare

         M583 SOLAR FLARE Martin electronics

         ORACLE IR Illume para flare WHI body Orange top&band

         M585 White star cluster

         M651E1, E2, E3 CS

         M658 Green smoke para

         M659 Red smoke para

         M660 Yellow smoke para

         M661 Green star para or ground star illum

         M662 Red star para or ground star illum

         M663 Green star cluster

         M664 Red star cluster

         M665 Yellow star para or ground star illum

         M669 Violet smoke para

         M674 Riot control CS

         M675 Riot control CS

         M676 Yellow smoke canopy LT GRN body, BLK markings

         M677 HE tracer Mk-19 OD, YEL, YEL

         M679 Green smoke canopy

         M680 White smoke canopy LT GRN body BLK markings

         M681 Violet smoke canopy

         M682 Red smoke canopy LT GRN body BLK markings

         M684 HE airburst M75, OD, YEL, translucent ogive

         M695 Orange star para flare

         M696 Yellow smoke streamer

         M697 Green smoke streamer

         M698 Orange smoke streamer

         M699 Red smoke streamer

         M700 Brown smoke streamer

         M701 Violet smoke streamer

         M713 Ground marker Red

         M714 Ground marker- Violet

         M715 Ground marker Green

         M716 Ground marker Yellow

         M781 Practice BLU ogive

         MERCURY MVT longer version of 781, 800 meter range

         M893 HE Red Phosphorus WHI, RED, GOLD

         M918 Target Practice BLU, BLK, brown band, BLU ogive

         M992 Infrared Illuminant Cartridge (IRIC)

         M1006 Non lethal rubber bullet GRN top BLK body

         M1029 Rubber Buckshot crowd dispersal Large casing

         M1060 HE Thermobaric OD body Gold ogive or OD fragmented body with BLK ogive

         M1060I DRACO HE MEI variant Red body Gold ogive

         M1070 HUNTIR PARA camera round BLU body WHI top

         M1080 MERCURY Med velocity rnd HE OD, BLK ogive

         S405A HE Gold body BLK ogive, BLK markings (M433 type)

         S401B HEDP Gold body Copper ogive, BLK markings

         S413 HEDP SD Copper bands, OD body, WHI mark, GOLD ogive

         PHANTOM ground smoke, 583 type body colored same color as smoke, available in IR, red, green, yellow, orange and white, black markings.

DUMMY ROUNDS I offer many types of 40mm replica rounds. Check 'em out!

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