Product Reviews

Here I will be testing new products for 37mm and 40mm and giving my test results and personal reviews.  Just click on the product to see my full write up.

1. Dura-Coating and Custom AR work - A test trial of Lauer Weaponry's Dura-coating cammo design kit and some showing off of Andy's (WBH) custom AR work.

2. ASA Adapter review page Reviews of ASA Adapters

3. Reloadable M18 style smoke grenades! Reloadable smokes 1.htm

4. 10/22 Adapter, fire 10 22 cal long rifle rounds from your M203 at one time!  review

5. Book on WMD by Shawn Hughes Shawns book.htm

6. Stand alone mount and QD mounts Stand alone & QD.htm

7. 40mm to 12 ga adapter and barrel caps by Destiny Densley Des's products1.htm

8. 40mm to 37mm to 26.5mm adapters by Andrew Stark aluminum.htm