40MM Judgment Day

5 shot 41cal Munition

By GROG 2021 3LC Productions




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Reloadable Shells

Scot Pace at Reloadable Shells provided a sample of his new 5 shot Judgment Day munition for T&E purposes. The round consists of an upper barrel portion machined from 7075 T6 aluminum that has 5 equally spaced .41cal smooth barrels. These barrels come to a shared low pressure chamber inside the base of the barrel portion. Inside this chamber area is a centered steel screw, the purpose of which is to protect the center portion of the barrel portion from damage from the lift charge. The barrel portion measures 3.785. The base of the munition is 6061 T6 aluminum, and has a hole in the bottom where a .45 Auto blank can be inserted, and press fit. The base interior is threaded to connect the base to the barrel portion. The top of the interior has three slight channels in it to distribute the lift charge to the barrels equally. It also has a small lathed portion to expand the high pressure chamber slightly into the base.

Scot provided 3 .45 Auto factory made blanks which were crimped and contained 17 grains of Tite Group smokeless powder. He also included several soft plastic wads that are hour glass shaped, .650 tall, and reduce the projectile OD to 30 caliber. The kit also contained a few cardboard discs that could be used to seal the projectiles in the barrels. Discs are .055 thick and .455 OD.

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The machining and anodizing of the sample provided is typical ReloadableShells quality. To say that fit and finish is perfect.


Projectiles tested: #4 Lead buckshot standard,

Lift charges used: 17grains Tite Group, 17g Bullseye, Rubber buck 32 cal

Target used: Plywood

Range(s) tested at: 35 and 55


On firing the JD using the supplied Tite Group loaded casings, I observed the recoil was lighter than expected. The pattern was tight (see below).

JD 35'.JPG

Point of aim is where the blue tape with POI is located on the pic

I found that using 17g of Bullseye loaded in the 45 case with a copper gas check/burst disc worked very well and gave a bit more recoil than the Tite Group. The #4 lead buckshot loaded in the plastic cups provided seemed to work very well, and fit well. The 32cal rubber buck also fit the cups provided well.

Also, it should be noted that the XD bases with the stainless high pressure chamber and copper burst discs can be used with this body.

As I only have a single example of the 5 barrel, Testing was a bit limited so far. Additional testing and loads will be updated when completed.

Scot also added that the standard XD bases (with the stainless cup and screw in vent plug with copper burst disc) can be used with the 5 barrel, which I will be loading in the future.


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