07/21/21—Review and T&E on Scot Pace multiple projectile 40MM munitions (18/22 smoothbore and 12/22 rifled) completed Multi Projectile Review

07/21/21—Review of the 5 shot “Judgment Day” munition from Scot Pace ongoing, preliminary review completed. See: 5 shot 41 cal cannon

07/21/21—Additional testing done on the “Tri-barrel” from Scot Pace using 300g 45cal slugs: TRI BARREL

01/03/21—Guides offered on 2 gig memory stick. See order page for details.

01/03/21—Forum moved back here. Grog's Forum link

07/14/19—New T&E on Scot Pace’s large capacity smoke marker projectile. Large capacity smoke marker review

10/15/18— The new website is here:

02/22/18 I know it has been a while, but I’m back. Had a lot of problems last year, both personal and web related so it has been hard to update the site. I’m using a new host so things should drastically improve…

02/21/18 Reviewing ReloadableShells reloadable smoke grenades and fuzes. Reloadable M18 style smoke and fuze Awesome stuff!!!

09/11/16 New reviews of the 40MM CANNON PI base, and Tri-barrel from Scot Pace at

04/28/16 New ReloadableShells 40MM x 410 shotgun 4 barrel adapter review! See it here:

04/28/16 New ReloadableShells 40MM reloadable smoke marker projectiles made from aluminum!!! Ammo reviews section.

04/18/16 New Tac-D launcher review in the launcher reviews section!

10/15/15: New review posted on the MLR 26.5MM Slamfire launcher in the launcher reviews section!

08/06/13: Decided to ditch the credit card processor. Had a big replica order on hold because of the slowness of the processing company. Checks and money orders are SO much easier, I think I will stick with those for now. Many new developments in the launcher world since my last news posting. I know a cirtain someone who is working on a brand new 37/40MM launcher for the masses that is sure to be very uber cool. Stay tuned for more!

10/31/12: Many new reviews on some of Reloadable Shells new products for the avid reloader. Check out the ammo reviews page!

8/21/11: A new review of Scot Pace’s finned projectiles is complete. See the ammo review section!

07/24/11: A lot of new news lately. First, the review of ASA’s adapters is complete. Please see the ammo reviews section. Also, new casings are currently being tested from Scot Pace at reloadable shells. They are similar to the M199 buckshot casing, except, they are reloadable. I’ve been advising and working with Scot on developing these for the reloader. We wanted a nice, easy to reload, powerful casing that would be capable of delivering a load of #4 buckshot with comparable power to the M576 buckshot round. We wanted a larger payload section, so you can load either buck, or flechettes. They are currently still under development.

9/16/10: We are now a customer of, a new payment processing service. It is needed in this day and age to have someone to help us with credit card payments, as well as virtual check payments (coming soon). We tried Gpal (Gunpal) however found this service incredibly unreliable, as well as having abysmal customer service. We are happy to once again offer our customers more options to pay. is a division of Wells Fargo, and, as far as banks go, is much more trustworthy than alternatives such as Gpaland Paypal.

9/16/10: The post office again decided to change our mailing address… It is now:

George Confer, 212 Kelley Road Canton PA 17724.

5/17/10: Updated the replica page, and updated most other pages. ENJOY!

7/22/09: Added a reloading basics page accessible from the home page, to answer some FAQ.

6/27/09: The Bates Mfg LLC “Fireball” M79 type launcher T&E page completed and posted under launcher reviews section!

5/7/09: The Slam Fire launcher T&E page completed and posted under launcher reviews section!

12/7/08: Added a detailed mold service price list. See the Products page. 

8/28/08: Added a detailed replica price list for 2008-2009 to the products section, with additional photos.

3/14/08: Web pages updated! I took some time before my impending surgery to get some things updated around the site. The cd/dvd combo is no longer offered, as I changed the videos into mpeg format and added it to the advanced CD, to avoid playback problems. Added a few new pages here as well.       

8/1/06: Added Booster Casing review under product reviews section.

7/29/05: New e-mail addy and order addy for GROG: is the e-mail, and the order addy is:

George Confer  RR2 Box 2532 Canton, PA 17724

5/8/05: Added a review of G&Ps stand alone units and QD mounts! See product review page.

4/24/05: Added review of Des's 40mm to 12ga adapter and plastic barrel end caps. See product review page!

12/19/04: Advanced reloading guide is now available! Click here for details!

10/28/04: Placed some better photos of replica rounds on the page below. These are good for the collector, as they are quality made and will last forever. No scratches or dents, and look brand new, straight from the factory.

8/28/04: Good news for me! Patented a new less lethal round, and in conjunction with ALS Industries we may be marketing same to the military spec ops! Can't say much about it right now, but stay tuned! Also, work on advanced disc is progressing. I have some video clips I'm going to include, as well as tech info. Waiting for a clip from Iraq, so that should be fun to watch. Added Replica rounds service. Check it out!

5/18/04: Notice that I've been busy lately... The last few months have been spent preparing for a new addition to the family. I also discovered a new material for making 37 and 40mm rounds. Resin molding. I am adding a large section on the advanced CD/DVD video on how to construct these rounds, as well as materials needed to do so. I have some photos of some of the rounds I've made on the forum. Also, some nice round half mold displays of most all military rounds. Enjoy the photos, and the work on the advanced project is progressing.

1/23/04: Added a book review on WMD book, and added Projo Construction page for those that make their own projos, and want to make them SAFE! Also added ALS ammo review available from Oliver on our forum!

1/9/04: Changed order page, and added new order form for reloading CD and nosecones and endcaps. Adult signature now required for any order.

1/8/04: Changed the home page to allow for easier loading and added the new safety page. All please read and take notice. Thanks, GROG

1/5/04: Happy New Year! Added a review and photo section on my own M-203 here: Grog's Shivak M-203

12/21/03: Added a page for advertising and review of Big Boys Toys "Thumper" launcher. Check it out! Real M-79 stocks can be added for a more realistic and heavy duty appearance. Launcher Review

11/7/03: Check discussion forum for new instructions on reloading Brassman's smokeless casings. We no longer use electrical tape unless you're firing fused projos that have a centered fuse that will help block the vent hole. For lethal and less lethal applications, use the BB method described in the forum.

9/26/03: Line launching rounds! added line launching projos to the ammo page! Normally this type of stuff would be on the reloading disc, but I figured I'd share this with all. Enjoy!

8/8/03: Band page added to the above links for those of you that crave good music, check it out! It's what I do in my free time! Also, new product reviews on 10/22 adapter and 20ga rifled adapter are completed and up! Enjoy!

6/16/03: Updates continue to the site, new launchers section added, and some helpful info there for first time launcher buyers. Work progressing on the new advanced disc. 26.5mm section added to disc!

5/13/03: Web page upgrades continue. Please be patient while we get things fixed up around here. Should have some new stuff soon. Very busy with work now. Good to be back though!

3/25/03: New product review on Dura-Coating and custom AR work by Andrew Stark  (WBH)

3/19/03: New product review on 37mm and 40mm to 26.5mm aluminum adapters!

3/17/03: New products for sale!  37mm and 40mm nosecones and endcaps!  Check out the Products section for details!

3/6/03: Check out the ammo page for reviews of the new No. T-21 practice round muzzle blast smoke manufactured by Def Tech Corp.

1/30/03: New product review on 37mm booster cases!

My friend Jerry Davis helped me upgrade the reloading CD to auto-run and converting some of the files to run on more machines. It has an index system so you can find the info you're looking for fast and easy! Thanks for the input on the CD which brought about these changes, and thanks much to Jerry for making the disc the work of art I originally had in mind. If you already have the disc and want it to be upgraded to the new configuration, send me back the old disc, and I'll upgrade it for the cost of shipping only (5 bucks)!

I am continuing work on the advanced reloading CD which will extensively cover the newer high pressure, and high/low pressure casings available out there! It will have less photos, and lots more reloading photos, and I am working on getting a digital camera that I can make 3 min AVIs on to show you guys "hands on" step by step classes on how to!! Also gonna photograph and video the end results of the rounds going off!!

bar.jpg (12295 bytes)

    Grog's 37mm and 40mm Informational CD

One new item I have added to the CD is that I have transposed the reloading guide to html format so those of you that have had problems viewing the word documents should be able to open them with your web browsers now. I transposed almost all the word documents, and the old ones are still there, in case you want to view them in word. You can see more details on the CD on the order page of this website.


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