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Ammo, Casing, and Component Reviews

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Here I will be testing several types of 37mm and 40mm ammo, casings, and other items, and giving you my test results and evaluations. The below links will take you to individual review pages of ammo Iíve fired, as well as test and evaluation videos of some of them. Enjoy, GROG

40mm and 37mm snap caps I sell snap caps for your M79, M203, and 37mm launchers. I can also do Mk-19 snap caps.

       DEF TEC CORPģ  No. T-21 PRACTICE ROUND MUZZLE BLAST SMOKE A review of the Def Tecģ Muzzle Blast and some info on how to construct one of your own.

       DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES ģ ALUMINUM HIGH / LOW PRESSURE LAUNCHING SYSTEM A review of the Def Tec high/low launching system.

       10/22 adapter review New review of adapter that fires 10 22 cal rounds at once!! Very cool round to shoot, and good range too!

         Line launching projo!!  Here's the new line launching projo!! 

       ASA Review pageAmerican Specialty Ammoís 37mm CUP, Bushing, and Cap review page!

       MLR Casing review MLR Distributing LLC new black powder casings with screw off bases.

       Scot Pace casing review1 Smokeless casings by Scot Pace.

       MLR 26.5mm Casing Review Black Powder 26.5mm Black powder casings from MLR Distributing LLC.

       Scot Pace High performance casing review 37MM and 40MM High Performance Smokeless Casings by Pace.

       Scot Pace XD Casing review 37MM and 40MM Extreme Duty casings with stainless steel primer insert.

       ASA Adapters for 37mm 12ga flare, 12ga (DD only) and 26.5mm adapters for 37mm launchers by American Specialty Ammo.

       Scot Pace finned projectile A review of Scotís new two part finned projectile (fused)

       Scot Pace and I developed the 40MM CANNON A review of the mutually developed 40MM CANNON with test videos, and reloading guide.

       Scot Pace Finned Projectiles 2 A review of Scotís newest finned projectile, with video links and photos!

       Scot Pace New 45 powered 40MM casing review A review of Scotís new 45 casing powered 40MM casing!

       Scot Pace's adaptersA review of Scotís new adapters. He makes 12ga to 37mm and 40MM as well as 26.5mm to 40MM adapters.

       A review of Scot's improvements to the 40MM CANNON The 40MM CANNON casing has been improved!

       A review of Scot's new 40MM smoke marker projectiles The Reloadable 40MM aluminum smoke marker

       A review of Scot's new 40MM X 410 4 barrel shotgun adapter The Reloadable 40MM X 410 adapter

       A review of Scot Pace's Tri-Barrel CANNON design A review of the new Tri-barrel for the CANNON PI Base

       Products made by Evil Blonde Some 40mm items including caps and adapters for the M79 and M203

       Adapters made by Andrew Stark 40mm to 12ga and other gauges

       ALS 37 and 40mm ammunition Ammo for launchers

       Black powder booster casings Used in 37mm for launching with black powder

       Precision pyro supply For tubes, caps, and payload items

       New large capacity smoke marker by Scot Pace Review of the new large capacity carrier

       Multi Projectile 18/22 and 12/22 munition review Review and T&E of the 18/22 smooth bore and 12/22 rifled munition

       5 shot 41 cal cannon Judgment Day review Review of the Judgment day round

       TRI BARREL New information and testing added to the Tri barrel T&E and review





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